FluidSync™ Microinfusion System

|  The Fluid Synchrony Solution: Using MEMS for a safer, more flexible, miniaturized pump

FluidSyncTM microinfusion system features patented microtechnologies for safe, accurate, and localized administration of diverse liquid drug formulations directly to diseased tissue. The micropumps are implantable, refillable, and compatible with a wide variety of drugs, small molecules, antibodies, and peptides. The system enables remote monitoring of patient outcomes to be coupled with on-demand programming and wireless control of drug delivery for evidence-based customized drug therapy.

The FluidSyncTM system performance is unmatched in dosing accuracy, low power usage, wide dynamic dosing range, and versatile dosing programmability. The FluidSyncTM pump is miniaturized to a fraction of the size of current pumps for more acceptable and minimally invasive treatment,

The microinfusion system was designed to facilitate scientific medical discoveries, by automating active electronic-controlled administration of test drugs to model animals following the programmed regimen. This remote microdosing methodology reduces animal handling and its associated “white coat effects” while improving the safety of researchers and animals alike.


Automated Dosing

  • Reduce labor
  • Auto-record keeping
  • Localized or systematic target

Long-Term Use

  • Single implantation
  • Refillable
  • No battery

Reduces Animal Handling

  • Reduce stress
  • Enable behavioral studies
  • More reliable results